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Eurolegno M.C.A.B. s.r.l. was born thirty years ago in Rome.
The company was founded by three brothers: Agostino Zirilli, Project Manager for the production and R & D Manager, Francesco Zirilli, CEO, and Domenico Zirilli, Marketing Manager.
The main activity of the company has always been the design and manufacture of furniture, accessories, furniture components and programs for the bathroom. Now the company also provides the manufacture of custom-designed furnishings for the living area.
Thanks to the years of collaboration with Italian architects in the field of furniture and furnishing design, Eurolegno has managed to have an important image in Italy and abroad. Today, the company operates both in the country and worldwide with a strong presence in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Ukraine and also in the United States.
The company, in fact, has a widespread distribution network with over 500 dealers and agents operating in the country and abroad by managing the relationship between industrial production and specialty retailers, showrooms, exhibitions, and multi-product/multi-brand outlets.
The distinctive feature of Eurolegno over the years has been the research of a medium-high level quality consistent with the market demand, which we identify in: the use of high-quality materials, superior design, research and innovation in the use of materials and wide range of products.

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